In this post I list my favorite Spike stories that I highly recommend.

I read only Spike Fan Fiction. My favorite to read is Spuffy. Spike/Buffy. I have read hundreds of stories. I don't particularly care for one shots or drabbles and will usually skip one or two chapter stories.  This is just a small list of my very favorite stories.

I found most of my favorites on Spuffy Realm or Bloodshedverse or by recommendations by others. I will be providing links to these stories in other archives. If an author or a site owner that I link to wishes to be taken off my list, just comment or send me an email at coolblue4us @ and I will kindly remove the link without pouting.

Warning:  All Stories are rated R, NC-17 or Adult Only. 

Works in Progress... )

Completed Spike...All Human... )

Completed Spike as a Vamp... ) 

I'm always looking for great fics to read.  If you have one or two that you would recommend to me, please feel free to comment.


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