I am having trouble writing because I jammed my thumb.  It may be broken.  I'm not going to cry.  I feel stupid.  I was upset when I jammed it in a bit of temper.  Dumb, dumb, dumb.

Here's a small part of what I wrote last night for NaNo when my brain was on auto pilot.  Keep in mind I'm not supposed to edit.  The story is for young adults and the this piece is a flash back to when the two main characters met for the first time when they were nine. 
So I guess you guys met in college then? the lady... )

So tell me what you think.

Okay it's now 11:00 pm here in Southern California.  My word count for the day for my NaNo novel is... 2248.  I'm pretty surprised considering that I spent the bulk of the day finishing another project.  For that one I wrote a little under 6000 words today.

I won't be writing 8000 words per day for NaNo.   My goal is at least 3000 a day because I won't be able to get much done on the weekends. 

I'm very tired now and my vision is blurring.  I have no idea what I wrote the last hour.  Oh well at least I'll get to read something new and see how my brain works on auto pilot when I read it over in the morning.

One last thing before I go to bed.  It has nothing to do with writing but it was so funny what happened to my husband at work today.   Funny story about my husband's new admirer... )

Well, I'll say goodnight now.  I've got to get up at 4:30 am to see my husband off to work.
I did it.  A day past my self imposed deadline, but my Spuffy fan fiction is done in rough draft.  I ended up with eleven chapters.  I cringe thinking about chapter ten.  My first NC-17 scene.   Okay I'm not  just cringing I'm blushing profusely.  I can't believe how fast I wrote that chapter out, too.   Or how graphic I got without using stupid names for body parts.  I'm not saying it's very good but one more writing hurtle jumped and over with.  I do love a challenge.
I'm curious to see what others will think of this story.

NaNoWriMo.  I was able to get a few pages written for my novel, too.   Aren't I just the industrious one today?  Talk about switching gears.  The book fits in the young adult category and so different from what I was writing.  I plan to write a bit more later in the evening after my husband goes out with my daughter for a meeting they had planned.  I will post my word count here and at the NaNo site when I am done.

So with all this writing, I got very little housework done today.  I was glad I didn't have orders to ship for my home business.  I will have quite a bit tomorrow though.  I'm on my way to pick the kids up from school and hope that no one gets me for child labor violations when I crack the whip and get them all cleaning the house.  They make the mess, they are going to clean it!


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