I didn't think I could get it done today.  I was having so much fun writing Angelus, that the words just kept coming.  

There will only be one more Chapter.  I did let Harmony wraggle her way into the story one last time.  She's not my favorite character.  I tried not to bash the poor girl, but maybe a beta could help fix it so its a little nicer.  I have to thank her for making the story a little more fun and exciting than what I had planned.  

I am hoping to be able to have the last chapter done by Thursday.  My husband has the day off tomorrow to work on our home business, but we did plan to spend some time together.  He always comes before Spike.

My husband's a little younger, by three years, his eyes are more blue and his hair is naturally blond.  They are about the same height, but I'm the same height as SMG, so I still have to look up to him.   He tolerates my obsession of all things James, but he always comes first.


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