The type of poetry I've been studying these last two days is a Kyrielle Sonnet.  It consists of three stanzas and a non-rhyming couplet with the last line of the first stanza repeated (refrain) at the end of the other stanzas.  Each line has eight syllables.  The couplet is made up of the first line of the first stanza and the refrain.

There are variations to the rhyming.  My Spuffy Kyrielle Sonnet has AabB, ccbB ddbB AB and is actually a double Kyrielle Sonnet with 28 lines. 

My poem today has an AbaB, cbcB, dbdB, AB scheme. 

I sat for ten minutes trying to come up with a subject to wax poetic about, but was drawing a blank.  That is until I started to think of all the things I'm passionate about and my eyes rested on an object at my desk.  Behind the cut is my sonnet with artwork about one of my passions.  LOL!



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