I saw mention of National Novel Writing Month on the bloodshedverse tag board today and being curious me, I went and checked it out. I signed up for it and I'm pretty excited about it. Nanowrimo.org See for yourself. I love the concept. I have my plot and characters all ready to go for it. I'll log my progress here as I go, but because I am serious about getting the novel published that I'm going to write during November, I won't be posting full chapters. Maybe a few excerpts. I just heard from another member in my region. They are having a kick off party right before November first (which I won't be able to attend.). She said that already there are over 300 people signed up for our region. Wow! I had no idea that there were that many people who wanted to write a novel. This website is open world wide so I image there are thousands signed up.

My totally awesome beta [livejournal.com profile] raynedanser has just sent back chapter ten of "A Perfect Fit." I am going to try and get it posted here before I go to bed tonight. [livejournal.com profile] raynedanser Chapter eleven will be in your inbox soon. There are only eight more chapters after that and then I will be done.

I will have the house to myself after 8:00pm. My three smaller kids will be in bed and my husband is taking my two older ones and some of their friends to a small amusement park near here to see the "monsters" again. I'll post pics some time next week as the costumes and make up are amazing.

I made a new icon for myself and change the look of my journal. I attempted to do the customizing myself, but I couldn't quite get it. I would love to have a personal header/banner like I see others have with James on it, of course. I haven't uploaded photoshop elements on this laptop yet because I know it will take up a lot of space. So I can't really make a banner on my own. I used phixr online to add add my name and "James" to my new icon.


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