My daughter and I were catching up on the news.  We don't watch TV news and only glance at the news a couple of times a week on the internet.  We were on a cable news network's site and saw this headline in big bold letters near the top.  We read it at the same time and looked at each other and started to giggle (she's twelve; she giggles all the time). 

Woman whose diamond ring vanished while she made fudge for bake sale turns up inside piece of the candy she sold

I have to admit that I have made similar mistakes when writing, but it was funny to see it on the front page as a headline for a news network.  My daughter said she could image the look on the guys face when he bit into the candy and a tiny lady starts screaming.  LOL!

So after I did my New Year's deep clean of the house, I sat down and put this manip together for her. 

Larger version in the cut... )

Here's what I was working on this morning.  I think this banner goes well with the mood of my little ficlet.  I'm having way too much fun now.


So I've been playing with photoshop elements.  I've made a few icons.  The one with this post is my favorite Spike icon that I made yesterday. 

I joined the [ profile] nekid_spike yesterday and I saw a post for today being Spike's Bad Day.  So I decided to go ahead and try a manip when this scene popped into my head.  I'm totally twisted.  So here is my first ever attempt at a manip.  Spike is not in proper scale and there are lots of things wrong with it, but I still laughed when I was done. 

So I thought I'd share it with you all. 

Spike's Bad Day is just about to get worse... )


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