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( Oct. 16th, 2007 01:26 pm)
I worked on rewrites for chapter 12 of A Perfect Fit and did some other online things. I have a whole mess of housework to do, but I'm feeling lazy. So instead of getting anything useful done, I caught up on my TV watching.

I watched episode 2 and 3 of this seasons, Bones. Episode 2 was okay but I really enjoyed episode 3. I got a kick out of seeing Christina Cox guest star on Bones as a "pony rider."

Blood Ties. I am relieve to know that I truly do not have a vampire fetish and that my "obsession" with Spike is all about the memorable character and James, the actor. I say this because when I watched Blood Ties today I was more into Mike than Henry. Although Henry is pretty hot. I think maybe Henry isn't dangerous enough or evil enough for me.
Okay what do you think?


Well either way Vicki is a lucky girl. It's a beautiful cast all around.


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