I've watched three episodes of Being Human.  :)  I like!  Great characters.  My favorite so far was Gilbert.  He could come haunt me anytime.  He wouldn't be disappointed in my music. 

Watched the latest episode of SPN.  *Sigh*  Castiel.  Castiel.  Castiel.  Won't say anymore for those who haven't seen the episode yet.  I'm seriously hooked on that angel.

In other news, I have the landlord coming over to check a busted pipe in the kitchen.  Grrr.  Been doing my dishes in the backyard with cold water.  I hope he gets the pipe fixed soon.  I have a ton of laundry to do today, but what I want to do is be lazy and watch the next three episodes of Being Human.  I haven't even made my bed yet and its 9:30 a.m.

I got notice this morning that I have been nominated at the Cradle of Humanity awards, for Not My Reality.  :)  In three categories.  Best Story, Best Romance and I think the other one is called Happy Workers?  Whoever nominated me, thank you.

Edit:  I had to go back and edit this post twice for stupid typos.  *sigh*  It's one of those days.


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