In Harm's Way was runner up at the Running With Scissors Awards!  :)

Congrats to all the winners this round!

And I meant to post this awhile ago, but I've been nominated over at Shades of Grey Awards for two art catergories!  Best Header/Banner Maker and Most Underappreciated Artist.

Voting is open at Shades of Grey Awards 
I can't go into details.  If we talk through email at all, feel free to email me and I can talk one on one.  Read more... )

What I need is for my friends to cheer me up.  Send me links to ludicrous video, jokes so horrible that I have to laugh, humorous fan fiction from the Btvs/AtS verses.  Or just comment and tell me that you care.  Whatever.  I just need some positive stuff right now before I go do something stupid.

Thank you. 


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