First up, I have a meager offering of seven icons from Bones.  I'm still watching the series, but not liking this season as much as past seasons.  With the exception of the rotating assistants.  If we can't have Zack, I'm glad we can have the rotation of characters that they've been doing.   I made icons of this particular episode because I really liked the colors.

Total Icon Count: 7


TEASER! Icon 007 TEASER! Icon 003 TEASER! Icon 006

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And here are the promised batch of more Supernatural icons.  Number four is my favorite and number six was suggested by [ profile] mabel_marsters.  All are snaggable.  Enjoy!

Total Icon Count: 29


TEASER! Icon 005 TEASER! Icon 011 TEASER! Icon 029
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I've been up for twenty-four hours.  I have no idea why I can't sleep and I haven't had this sort of problem since I was a teenager.  I've gotten only ten hours sleep in the last three days.  But I have been very creative in that time.  I've gotten more notes together and written some more of my vamp!buffy series fourth installment.  And then --  I can only blame the no sleep thing for this -- I've started writing a new story.  But it gets worse: this one is an All Human and Spuffy.  Yes, I really dislike most all human stories.  I never thought I'd ever write one.  I mean, I want to get published.  If I have an all human plot bunny, then I just make it into an original.  But not this time, as it involves a reality TV show and I couldn't make it into a book.  I'm hoping it will be a shorter fic.  Maybe twelve chapters.  I've gotten three written in the wee hours of the morning here and I pretty much have the whole fic mapped out in my head.  A possible title is Not My Reality.

My first reader is enjoying the All Human Spuffy fic that I've started so I'm committed to actually put it out in the public.  Hopefully I can have the first chapter up very soon.  But until I can post it, I leave you with a teaser with this fic banner for it.  It's bright.

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