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Just to let everyone know:  I have sent my laptop to Gateway to get fixed, so my time online is very limited.  Only our laptops are able to hookup to the wireless internet router.  So, I can only be online when my husband is gone and I can use his laptop.   They said two weeks for repairs, but I not counting on having my baby back for a month.  I never trust the times the tech's say.    So please forgive me if I don't comment on your posts.  I'm trying to read all the posts, but don't have enough timet to stop and comment to them all.  :)

I really want to play with photoshop, but all the brushes that I've downloaded and rely on are on my laptop.  I'm too lazy to go searching for them all to put on my husband's laptop.  Besides, he has less memory than I do, so I don't want to take any up with adding more stuff. 

I am rewriting the first chapter of another book that I'm working on.  I noticed that I included all the senses but smell.  Which is really strange, because I connect to the world with a strong sense of smell.  Right now, I have the screen door on the sliding glass door in my bedroom open.  The dryer just outside is running and I can smell the dryer sheet.  It's the green box of Bounce Awakening sheets and it's one of the best smells in the world!  I do laundry just to have the smell.  LOL!  When it comes to cleaning in the house, I use a berry scented window cleaner made by Bissell.  I use bleach diluted in water in a spray bottle for all counters, sinks, toilets, ect.  For the floors, I use Pin-Sol.  I will use the powdered Comet on the bathtubs.  I love the smell of chlorine, though my oldest daugher hates it.  It brings back wonderful memories of travelling and spending time in jacuzzis at hotels.  It reminds me of the times that I actually enjoyed meeting strangers as we were all on vacations and there interesting stories to be told. 

Just like a certain song can bring me back to a time and a feelings (like me and my high school sweethearts song), smells can put me in a certain mood.  Pin-Sol makes me feel young.  It was used in the daycare that I went to when I was in pre-school.  It also makes me think things are clean and disinfected and I like that.  A lot. 

All that to say that I am going to make an efforts to add more of the sense of smell into my writing.  I'm not going to over do it, but it's just another thing on my list of things to check as I edit.

I'm getting my hair cut on Monday.  I'll be chopping off about an inch and getting layers again.  Tuesday, I plan to dye it.  I'm debating on what to do with it.  I'm really, really liking the white.  Most people mistake it for blonde, but I know I look older than my 36 years and my eyebrows are still black.  Which is weird, because my hair has always been a nice boring brown, never black.  But the black eyebrows do not go with the white hair.  I don't understand how the hair has turned white, but the eyebrows are still black.  Strange genes.  So, I'm thinking of putting a little yellow into the color with a blonde shade, but what to do with those eyebrows?  If I go back to a light brown, I think it is too big of a change. 
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