I'm so excited right now, that I can barely type!  I sent a query letter directly to the publisher that I had in mind for my YA novel a couple of days ago.  On Monday, to be precise.  I was expecting a long wait to see if they would be interested in seeing a synopsis, a few pages or the full manuscript, but they wrote back today!  And.....  

They are asking for the FULL manuscript!  Whoot!  I can not believe it! 

The only problem is, they say that it might be two years before the book would be published. 

So, now it's decsion time.  Do I send the manuscript and see if they want to publish it, or do I go through all the mess of trying to get an agent to hawk my story to other publishers?  I'm not going to do anything right away, but just knowing that I have a bite, my first try out, makes me very very happy and very encouraged. 

I'm still a little stunned.


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