We have a little routine/ritual in my house that we've been doing since my oldest were very little.  The kids crowd around the kitchen while we're cooking dinner and we just chat about whatever is on any of our minds while my husband gets a few minutes to himself to read the paper or work on his computer.  In the old house, it was difficult to get them all in the tiny, narrow kitchen, but this house has a huge kitchen.  It's a very casual thing and I don't make any of them come to the kitchen.  Often, the three youngest will come and go, because they get distracted.  Last night, I started off by telling the kids that a certain someone would be on upcoming episodes of Doctor Who. 

So we talked about their favorite episodes and their favorite companions.  It was a lot of fun to hear their thoughts on the show as it's the only show that we all are rabid fans of.  Including my eight year old autistic son.  He remembers so many details of the episodes and he'll correct us if we get something wrong. 

My oldest girl is the only one who doesn't like Donna and my eight year old was arguing with her about why she should like her and he said, "She says Oi and she's funny."  LOL!  The oldest likes Rose the best, but seeing as she's fourteen and just starting to get into boys, I can see why.  While I sort of gagged over the "happy ending" of the extra Doctor and Rose, she thought is was soooo sweet.  LOL! 

The funny episodes like Doctor Nine with the farting aliens seemed to top the list for the kids as favorites.  For me, it's New Earth.  But Blink was on the list and many others. 

This is one of the reason I like Doctor Who.  It's clean enough for my kids to watch and so much variety in the episodes.  And they are memorable enough where we are talking about them and remembering scenes, long after they aired. 
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