Author: [ profile] dawnofme
Title:  Not My Reality
Pairing:  Spike/Buffy
Rating:  NC-17 for later chapters

Summary:  Buffy is a single, twenty-six year old assistant manager at Bloomingdale's department store.  Buffy and her best friend, Willow, love to watch reality TV shows.  When Angel is the runner up on the Bachelorette show and then becomes the next Bachelor, Willow sends in Buffy's photo and details to the casting team.  What's a girl to do when she goes on a reality TV show to get to know a man she'd been attracted to only to fall for one of the camera guys instead?

Betas:  [ profile] mabel_marsters & [ profile] xtanitx

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Not My Reality

Chapter Fifteen

The phone rang and even though the handset was right next to her on the end table by the couch, Buffy let it ring while she turned the TV off with the remote and put her breakfast, a bowl of ice cream, down. 




“Hey, B, how’s life back at home?”


Buffy sat up straighter and grinned.  “Hi, Faith, how are you?”


“I’m five by five.  Except I have one day left to plan Angel’s visit and the director is driving me crazy!”




“Ray wants me to invite my foster parents to the dinner, because they need that whole ’meet the parents’ feel to the visit, but I had six different sets of foster parents and while I got along well with my last set, they don’t really feel like family, you know?”


Buffy’s mind raced to think of whom she would ask besides her friends and sister.  The bigwigs had pretty much asked her to do the same thing, but other than her long time Taekwando instructor, she didn’t have any parental figures she could invite over with her mother gone and her absentee father off in Japan.


“Just tell them no,” she said to Faith.


“I am so nervous about this, Buffy, and I hate it.”


“You’ll be fine.  You know Angel likes you.”


“Yeah, but I’m…  I think I’m already in love with him.  Which is crazy.  What do I know about what love feels like?”


Buffy got up and put her ice cream bowl in the sink.  “You just know.  And if you think you’re in love, then you are.”


“I could really get my heart broken.”


“You could, but you’ve got to take that chance.  And don’t be afraid to tell him how you feel.”  Buffy worried about Faith because she put up that tough exterior with most people.  “You need to let Angel see the real you.”


“And what about you and Spike?”


She sighed and walked back to the couch.  “After you left for the airport yesterday, we talked.”




“He wasn’t happy that I took the rose and that I’m still in the game.”


“But you told him that you’re just in it to help me, right?”


“Yes, but he still seemed sort of distant.  Then he was called into a meeting and my ride was there to take me home.  And now, I don’t know when I’ll see him again.  I don’t even have his phone number.”


“Spike is a good guy.  I’m sure he understands.  But if he’s working the crew at my house, I’ll talk to him for you, okay?  And I’ll get his phone number for you.”


“Thanks, Faith.” 


Buffy wasn’t too sure if he was still interested.  She’d made such a fool of herself that first night at Angel’s hotel, getting drunk and throwing herself at Spike.


“So, did you party with your friends yesterday?” Faith asked.


“No.  In fact, I didn’t let anyone know I was home yet.  I’ve been enjoying the peace and quiet of being alone,” Buffy said.  “But, I’m going to call my friend Willow in a little while.  I should get dressed first; I’m still in my pajamas.”


“Let me guess, the penguin ones, right?”


Buffy looked down at the little black and white birds on her pants and chuckled.  “Uh, huh.”


“Next time I come to L.A., I’m taking you shopping.”


“I work at the mall, Faith, I can go shopping anytime I want.”


“Yeah, but I bet you’ve never stepped into Victoria’s Secret even once.”


“True.”  Faith laughed, so Buffy added, “Okay, after you win Angel’s heart and move to L.A., look me up and we’ll go shopping.”


Buffy was still in her pajamas two hours later after getting off the phone with Willow.  She’d had to be careful with what she’d said, because she signed a paper saying she wouldn’t reveal who was left in the competition, except to say that she was getting a home visit.  Willow was her usual upbeat self and launched immediately into plans for dinner when Angel came to Sunnydale.  Buffy had laughed and tried to tell her to slow down, it was only Sunday and the dinner wouldn’t be until Thursday, but Willow wanted to make sure the rest of their friends cleared that Thursday in their schedules.


When Willow asked Buffy what Angel was really like, Buffy tried to keep her opinion neutral.  She still thought he was good looking, but after spending so much time with him, she realized that he just wasn’t her type.  It was then that she told Willow about Spike.  She kept the details vague, but Willow was beside herself, wanting to know more.  


Before they hung up, Willow talked Buffy into meeting her and the others at the Bronze later in the evening.  It was hours before she’d have to get up and get ready, so she turned on the TV, sat back, and thought about what she would need to do in the next few days.  Tomorrow, she’d have to go to the grocery store and restock her kitchen, but she had a couple of frozen meals left in the freezer and if she felt like it, she could always order a pizza for dinner.


Just then, there was a knock on the door.  She jumped and giggled at the silly thought she had in that instant.  Just thinking about getting a pizza delivered wouldn’t bring one to her.  She opened the door and her heart nearly stopped when she caught sight of Spike.  He tilted his head to one side and looked her up and down.


“Cute jammies.  I guess it was too much to hope that I’d find you in your knickers.”


Buffy couldn’t speak.  She tried but gave up.  He looked incredible.  Better than she remembered and she’d seen him only yesterday.  The thought that she might see him again so soon had never crossed her mind and now that he was standing there, in his leather duster and combat boots, words just wouldn’t come.


He bit his bottom lip through a smile and said, “Aren’t you going to invite me in?”


Opening the door wider, she said, “Uh…  Come in.”  She closed the door and watched him look around before asking, “How did you –“


 “I made sure I was on the list of cameramen coming to Sunnydale.”  Spike leaned against the back of her couch and smirked.   “And I got my assignment papers with your address on it.”  As quick as lightening, his expression changed and she got a glimpse of the vulnerable man inside.  He took a few steps towards her and stopped.  “You’re not mad that I came here, are you?”


She shook her head and he practically sagged with relief.  Her stomach did a flip as if she were a on a roller coaster.  “I thought you were mad at me, because I accepted the rose.”


“I am,” he said with an indignant sniff.  “Don’t want to have to watch that ponce put his paws on you ever again, but I think it’s nice of you to try to help one of the other girls.  Just proves how incredible you really are.”


Buffy surprised them both when she launched herself at him and gave him a big hug.  Inhaling her scent, Spike squeezed back, nuzzling her neck.


“I didn’t think I’d see you again until next week.”  Buffy said, looking into his eyes.  “I didn’t have your number and I was going crazy thinking that you hated me and—“


He cut off her words with a kiss. 



His mouth left hers, but not before he nibbled on her lower lip.  He teased her neck and kissed her just below the jaw line.  At the same time, one of his hands found its way under her pajama top and she bit her lip to stifle a moan.  She wanted more.  Much more.


In a deep and rumbling whisper, he said, “God, you smell so good.”


She leaned into him.  It felt so good to be in his arms as he kissed her again.  At the rate they were going, she didn’t think she could stand much longer.  Her head was swimming with arousal, her heart was pounding a crazy rhythm and every nerve in her body was humming with desire.


Going on her tiptoes, Buffy kissed his neck and when she got to the spot just below his earlobe, he shivered, making her heady with feminine power, knowing she could get that kind of reaction out of him.  She kissed him there again.  She pressed closer to him, knowing she wouldn’t be satisfied until he was inside her. 


“I want you,” she whispered.


Spike looked at her then, his eyes boring in to hers.  Buffy tried to read his thoughts, but she wasn’t sure if he liked that she was being so aggressive or if he was turned off by it.  They hadn’t know each other all that long, but he’d slept next her and had been a perfect gentlemen when she’d been drunk and throwing herself at him.  She trusted him, felt safe with him.  Hesitantly, she slipped her hands into his coat and tried to push it off his shoulders.  Suddenly, he was moving.  He shrugged off the coat and let it fall to their feet before deftly undoing the buttons on her top.  


She wanted to get his shirt off and managed to get it untucked, but he stepped back, almost batting her hands away.  He yanked her shirt off and wasted no time in palming one of her breasts.  She hissed an intake of breath through clenched teeth; he had given her no time to get used to the sensation of his hot hand on her flesh.  Using his thumb, he rubbed across her firm nipple.  She had trouble staying upright with so many sensations flooding her body.


“Come on,” she told him, grabbing his hand and leading the way to her room.


Once inside the bedroom, lit only by the afternoon sun, he pulled her against his chest and kissed her again.  His tongue brushed against hers, his hands roamed over her back and down inside her pajama bottoms. 


He broke off the kiss and smirked.  “No knickers?”


“Nope.  Help me get your shirt off.”


She was getting too much good stuff at once.  The way he touched her, the incredible view of his well-toned, lean torso and the feel of the bumps and ridges under her fingers.  Buffy wanted to continue touching him, but she also wanted to go further.  She tried unbuckling his belt with one hand, but her fumbling fingers kept slipping.  Even his low chuckle turned her on.


“I’ve got it, love.”


His moved to undo the belt while she kept her hands moving over his flesh and slowly brought them down past his belly button, where she switched to using just one finger to follow the fine trail of hair as he unbuttoned the jeans and opened them.


“No underwear?”


With a lopsided grin, he shrugged.  “Waste of material if you ask me.”


A little gasp escaped his lips when her hand closed around his stiff cock.  He tilted his head back and closed his eyes.  Buffy glanced down as she pumped her hand up and down around Spike’s velvet soft flesh over the firmness and noticed that his pants were at his ankles, trapped there by his boots.


She let go of him and grabbed his hips, turning him until he shuffled back and sat on the bed.  The way he watched her and his short little breaths spurred her on to hurry.  She bent down, her head close to his cock and undid his boots.  With a little tug, she was able to get them off.  She surprised him by giving the tip of his cock a small, noisy kiss before she grabbed the bottoms of his pants and stood, pulling the jeans off him. 


Spike was completely naked now and she liked what she saw.  He was perfect.  While he watched, she slowly pulled down her pajama bottoms before she climbed onto his lap.  He scooted farther back on to the bed, his every move causing friction between them.  He grabbed her head, threading his fingers through her hair and kissed her again while she slowly moved her hips, mingling his precum with her slick juices. 


“Wait,” he said.  “I have a condom in my wallet.”


“I’ve been on the pill since I started college.  And I haven’t been with anyone in a very long time.”


“Same here.”


She pushed him back so that he was lying down and said, “I am so turned on right now.”


“You and me both.  God, you are so beautiful, and I feel bad because we’ve never even been on a date.”


She smiled then.  “Of course we have.  More than once.  Except I was actually on a date with someone else, but I was thinking about you.”


“You were thinking about me?”


“Yes.  Ever since you cornered me in the kitchen that one night, I couldn’t stop thinking about you…wanting to do what we’re doing right now.”


He closed his eyes and his Adam’s apple rose and fell.  She rose up and brought him to her entrance and just as he opened his eyes, she plunged down on him.  She was so tight it took a few thrusts to get him fully seated inside her.  He pulled her down for a kiss and rocked his hips, hitting her in just the right spot.


A few minutes later, he rolled them over and it was all she could do to wrap her arms and legs around him while he plunged into her.  Little sounds began to escape from her lips as the pleasure continued to build inside her.  She almost cried out in protest when he stopped.


“I’m not…hurting you, am I?” he asked tenderly, his eyes searching her with concern.


She shook her head, looked at him and licked her lips.  “More.  Don’t stop.  Harder.”


He did as she asked and not long after, her nails were digging into his back as her world exploded into glorious colors with wave after wave of pleasure washing over her.  He sped up, and within minutes, Spike’s eyes rolled back and his body convulsed above her and inside her.  He continued to move, slowing his thrusts until he leaned on her and stopped.


He kissed her again and whispered, “That was…wow.”



~ * ~ * ~



A couple of hours later, Spike opened his eyes to see Buffy rushing around her room.  He rested a hand behind his head and enjoyed the view until she noticed that he was awake.  She turned the light on and smiled apologetically. 


“Sorry, but I’m supposed to meet with some friends in an hour.”


He let his bottom lip jut out and sat up.  He’d just shagged the woman of his dreams and he was hoping to stay in bed with her all night.


“I guess I should get dressed then and get out of your hair.”


She paused at the bathroom door with pantyhose and a slinky black dress over her arm.  “I, um…you could come with if you want.”




“Sure.  I mean, we’re just having drinks at the nightclub where my best friend’s boyfriend is playing with his band tonight.”


She looked adorable, standing there biting her lip, an uncertain expression on her face.


“I’d love to go.”


Buffy’s face brightened into a huge smile.  “Great!  I’m going to take a shower.”  She went to leave the room, but turned back.  “I don’t suppose you’d want to get in the shower with me?”


Spike leapt out of the bed so fast that she squealed.  He hugged her and said, “Lead the way, kitten.”

Chapter Sixteen




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