Today, I studied the form of the Elegy.  An elegy (not to be confused with eulogy) is a poem of mourning.  The subject can be a person, thing or idea that has been lost to the poet somehow.  It consists of three parts.  Grief and sorrow, praise and admiration, and consolation and solace.  Stanzas are usually 4 lines of two end rhyming couplets.  I chose to write mine with 10 syllable lines and one stanza for each part. 

I plan to create an Elegy poem coupled with graphic art/manip for tomorrow for my [ profile] seasonal_spuffy posting day from the POV of Spike after S5 The Gift. 
I had a hard time coming up with a subject to "mourn" in real life.  I haven't had much loss to deal with yet.  But then, I remembered something that was very emotional for me to lose as a teen, moving into adulthood.  The title of my elegy is:  Goodbye, Puppy Love 

Goodbye, Puppy Love

Sections of me died one hot afternoon.
Shadows held court over me, drenched in gloom.
Forever, life was over in my mind.
I mourned the loss; his love never to find.

Would my heart ever soar to heights so grand,
And passion swell ‘til I could understand?
Would my eyes ever be blinded to faults,
And stomach tie in knots and somersaults?

The pond is tiny and the fish are big.
The bait is still ripe; the worms I must dig.
From the bonds of childhood I have now fled.
Puppy love behind and real life ahead.



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