I just got my manuscript back from the person who was reading it for me.  They said they enjoyed it.  :)  They had only one suggestion and it's a great one.  It will affect about four scenes in the whole story, so I have to go through and make that change.  I have to read the thing over again to get started on the synopsis.  *bites nails*  I'm so close!  I was talking with an old friend who I gave a copy to to read awhile ago a couple of days ago.  She brought up the book  and said that she is still amazed that someone she knows wrote such a good book.  (Those were her words!  Good!) 

My goal is to have a submission package ready to send out within two weeks. 

I've been going over my Erotic Romance novel and I've decided to make a few more changes on it.  Also, I've decided to attempt to get an agent and get the book published the old fashioned way.  If repeated attempts fail, then I will try a submitting to the e-book publishers.  I'm working on writing the synopsis for this one as well.

I had hoped to get a rhythm going where I was submitting one book, editing another, and planning/writing a third.  I'm close to that goal now.  If I can keep up that pace and keep creating more stories, one of them might get published, one of these days.  :)

Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] louise39!


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