Got this from [ profile] pfeifferpack who gakked it from [ profile] debris4spike

1) Why do you read fanfic?

The big reason is because I love to read.  The second, is that it's cheap entertainment -- can't beat free.  Third, because I can't get enough of the BTVS/AtS characters.  And fourth, because I'm amazed at the talent out there.  :)

2) When did you read your first fanfic and which fandom was it for?

It wasn't that long ago.  Under three years ago.  It was a Spuffy fic.  I don't even remember the author.  Just that I found her personal website by accident while searching for Spike websites.  It was an AU story about pirates, but I read all her stories after the first one.  I remember she had one about Spike and Buffy being stuck in some ice?  After that, I googled the buffy fanfic and discovered fanfic . net and stumbled upon [ profile] greyangel05's Winters Storm.  She hit on all my kinks and I was amazed at the story.  I read it three times in a row.  I've been hooked on fan fiction, ever since.

3) Which fandoms do you, or have you, read?

Just BTVS and AtS.  Every once in a while, I'll read a crossover fic with one of those shows.  Torchwood crossover by [ profile] slaymesoftly comes to mind.

4) Do you also write fanfics or do you only read?

Yes I write. 

5) What do you enjoy the most when reading? (dialogue, descriptions, plot, characterizations, humour, angst...)

Plot and dialogue and very important for me.  I can take a little OOC or over/under done descriptions, but if the characters aren't doing something interesting, the writer has lost me. 

6) Which genres do you mainly read? (action, angst, dark, drama, horror, humour...)

I'll read it all.  I enjoy romance and humor more, but if the author is a good writer, I can enjoy any genre.

7) Which genres will you not read?

Song fics?  There isn't much I won't read.  Ooh, wait.  Male pregnancies.  I won't read that!  LOL!

8) Is giving reader comments/responses important?

As a reader, I love responses to my comments from authors, but it's not really important.  On some archives and on LJ, I can easily find out if I have gotten a response, which I love.  On some archives, I don't even know if the author has responded to my comments at all unless I go through the reviews.  As a writer, I make it a point to respond to reviews and comments, unless the comment is made anonymously and I perceive that the reviewer was not intending to be constructive.  Oh, and I do my best to leave a comment/review for each of the stories I read. 

9) Do you give concrit?

Very rarely.  And I won't usually do it in a review.  I have to know the author's reputation before I'd give concrit.  If I don't know how they will take it, then I usually won't say anything. 

10) Which is your favourite character to read fanfic for and why?

Spike.  Because he's an amazing character.

11) Which are your favourite ships (including friendships) that you read the most?

Spuffy and Spangel.  Friendships:  Spike/Dawn

12) Do you read WIP's or finished fanfics only?

I've started reading more WIPs, but I do prefer to read completed stories.  I'm not good at waiting.  And I don't like getting disappointed with unfinished stories.  Also, I like to read completed stories, because I can hear from others if they liked the story or not.  I have a very busy schedule, so I have to pick and choose my reading time wisely.

13) Drabbles, One-shots or Multi-chapters?

I prefer multi-chaptered stories.  I love a well developed and unrushed plot.  But I do read drabbles and one-shots.


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