The other day, an idea for a new novel sort of came at me from nowhere.  Of course, I was driving at the time, so I couldn't write any of it down, but everyday since the first thought for the novel came to me I've been thinking about it and mulling it over.  It's going to be a paranormal suspense story peppered with romance.  I swear, I need to grab hold of a genre and stick with it.  But, I must go where my ideas take me. 

I'm seeing some of the scenes in my head and bits of dialogue keep going in a loop in my head.  So I've just jotted down some notes and the main character has sort of revealed herself to me.  The only problem is, she doesn't want to stay in California, where she was born.  Somehow, the state of New Jersey is where she insists she went to college and where she works now.  This poses a problem for me, because I've never been to New Jersey.  I've driven as far as Indiana and seen a tiny bit of the states between California and Indiana.  I had a boyfriend who moved to California from Newark, NJ, but that was many years ago. 

After just a few minutes of research, I think she's going to be working in Bound Brook and living near the border of Bound Brook in Franklin Township. 

Does anyone on my f-list have any knowledge of these areas?  I plan to continue with the research, but it would be nice to be able to pick the brain of someone who actually knows these places.  If you do, you can leave a comment here or send me a private message or an email.  :)



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